We have been providing first-class assistance to our clients who have selected our technology solutions for over two decades. We know that sometimes finding the right resources for a project can be tricky, especially when it comes to more complex aspects such as data hosting services or integration.

This is why we offer a wide range of services for a complete turnkey solution alongside our hardware and software solution to ensure you experience a worry-free implementation.

Data hosting services

A dependable bike share solution relies on a complex back-office infrastructure that must also be able to protect the credit card information used by subscribers to pay for their services. As part of our standard solution, we manage your back office infrastructure within our PCI-compliant environment: the highest standard of security in the credit card industry.

As we host your system, you can still access to your data without having to worry about monitoring your infrastructure. Our hosting solution also allows us to continuously monitor the system and take action before problems actually occur.

Integration services

We want to help you make our bike share solution an integral part of your urban transport system. We can integrate our bike share solution with any systems already in place such as:

  • Existing customer relations management (CRM) systems
  • Accounting systems
  • Payment processors
  • Existing transit infrastructure

Our bike stations can accommodate credit card readers and even include our own bike keys for identifying customers. Our stations can also accept other types of payment media, such as:

  • Transit system fare cards (bus passes, metro cards)
  • Community ID cards (student cards, club cards)
  • Mobile payment and digital wallet systems (Google Wallet, Apple Pay)

Custom development

Our continuous hardware and software development means our solution can be made to accommodate custom requirements:

  • Vending machines for cycling accessories (bike helmets)
  • Tailored software enhancements and features


We provide on-going support and development (maintenance, upgrades, improvements, hosting) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, everyday of the year. We also encourage open communication and team collaboration to all our clients.

Web and mobile application development

Customer-facing Website and mobile application

We offer personalized website and mobile application development along with our bike share solution, branded and customized to your needs.

Other software development

We can take on hosting and maintenance duties as well as helping enhance your applications according to your specific needs. As we add enhancements and new features to our solution, we can help to integrate them with your applications, thus allowing you to focus on larger issues by leaving the infrastructure responsibilities to us.

Public API

For the bike share systems we operate and maintain, 8D publishes APIs to provide access to data available for developers to do even more things with bike share data (all depending on your access rights).

PCI logo

PCI certification

8D handles over 10 million payment transactions annually with our secure, PCI-compliant payment-processing platform. Over 28 million bike share trips have been managed through this same software. There are over 4,000 terminals and 30,000 bikes running off the 8D platform worldwide, and the back office has an unparalleled uptime.

8D Technologies is a Level 1 PCI DSS certified service provider, providing fully-protected credit card transaction and a certified PCI data-hosting environment.

In order to maintain a valid PCI certification in the industry, 8D’s system undergoes an annual assessment performed by a certified third party assessor (or auditor) on-site.