8D Point of Sale Solution

8D Technologies’ intelligent wireless point of sale solution is a scalable, universally flexible technological point of sale platform that can manage multiple services over a single network of user-friendly pay stations.

The 8D Solstice™ platform is the core of 8D Technologies’ hardware and software point of sale solution. This platform is the driving force behind some of the most successful and innovative bike share systems in several cities around the world. It also allows any client to implement a parking system with ease and also open up doors for additional niche services using the same technology and housed in the same hardware.

Its forward-compatibility allows quick adaptability for one or more applications and its technology is used in thousands of terminals around the world, whether it is bike share systems, parking management, fare or ticket distribution.

The 8D Solstice platform comprises about 70% of the core technology driving the niche solution and addresses challenges inherent in each of those segments with real-time management, secure wireless payments, and solar power management, among other features.

As a result of the 8D Solstice design, each additional feature to the bike share, parking solution or to new niches results in numerous benefits:

Quick development

Scalable solution to adapt to changing needs of clients

Flexible hardware and software platforms

First implemented in 2000, the technological platform is the same backbone behind our award-winning automated parking payment and management solution (8D APMS). Upon this foundation, we delivered the technology for the first generation of the BIXI bike share system in a record nine-month period.

In 2002, 8D Technologies penetrated the commercial parking industry with the innovative Pay by Space solution, 8D APMS™, built upon 8D Solstice. A new player in the industry, 8D rose quickly in the ranks when its powerful solution was widely deployed in its home metropolis of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

As of 2008, the same hardware and software platforms also powers bike share systems in cities worldwide resulting in deployments of numerous bike share systems around the world, making 8D Technologies one of the pioneers in bike share systems.

Terminal and equipment

8D Technologies also offers a hybrid terminal for managing both parking and bike rentals based on the same software platform and hardware materials.

8D’s unique green urban transportation management and payment solutions include bike share systems deployed on five continents. Our solution is extremely flexible and scalable, as demonstrated with the systems we have already implemented.

Both the bike share and parking systems can easily interconnect with existing public transportation systems, and responds to needs for integrated solutions for municipal transportation flow management that is environmentally-friendly and cost-effective. Our solution also allows for POS marketing opportunities at the terminals, for instance, sales (parking, rentals, ticket purchases) to broadcasting information in paper form or via digital displays.

Management and monitoring

Behind 8D’s visible system is our array of tools for managing and monitoring systems remotely in real-time via a wireless network.

Orbit stations and software

The Orbit station is a small computer used to test, program and initialize various hardware components including the terminals as well as to carry out diagnostics testing on the electronic boards housed in the terminals.

Solstice Management Console

A Java-based Web application that allows operators to manage, monitor and configure system components remotely in real time via different modules.

Central server environment

The central server environment (application servers, database servers, etc) is where all components of the 8D systems converge. The terminals are directly connected to the central server environment through which the Console communicates.

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