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8D Parking Solution


The 8D APMS™ (automated parking management system) is one of the most advanced parking payment solutions available on the market. This solution transforms parking meters into intelligent terminals that are fully programmable and that also allow for remote monitoring and management of both terminals and parking spaces.

The award-winning automated parking system features 100% solar-powered wireless terminals, real-time secure transactions and control of terminal functions remotely managed and monitored via a Web interface by system operators.

The 8D APMS solution comprises the following hardware, software and service components:

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Parking Locator mobile application

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Orbit station programmable computer

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Solstice Management Console

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Network of servers (application and database servers)

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Data hosting services

Parking mode operations

For parking solutions, 8D’s terminals can be used in Pay by Space or Pay & Display modes, in addition to supporting additional configurations thanks to its ease of integration with the 8D Solstice platform. These modes can be applied to solutions implemented in parking lots, on-street parking or other serviced-type parking arrangements.

Management and monitoring

In addition to our standard management and monitoring tools, parking solutions are complemented with our on-street payment tool. Our Parking Locator application is a Java™-based mobile companion software for our parking solution that displays parking information dynamically and in real time with regards to paid or unpaid parking spaces. The application is installed on a personal digital assistant (PDA) and communicates with the server via a wireless network.

8D Parking Locator Agent

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