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8D Bike Share Solution


Why choose our system?

Our solutions are developed with a simple philosophy: to create reliable products at the forefront of technology that result in optimal user experience for system operators and end users.


8D Technologies’ bike share solution defines the next generation of hardware and software in the bike share industry.

8D’s state-of-the-art modular solution and components are developed to meet the latest industry standards in high technology. Created to be robust, flexible and secure, our bike share system allows for future expansions to be integrated as needed.

Our turnkey bike share product line includes these unique features and more:

  • Integrated bike key dispenser in the terminals that allows customers to instantaneously retrieve their access keys as soon as they register
  • Extremely dependable bike locking mechanism
  • Bike docks that allow for quicker and easier release of bikes
  • Thoughtfully designed bikes and payment terminals
  • Extremely efficient power management system

Our experience in the industry speaks in volumes: with the largest number of bikes stations deployed in North America, 8D operates with virtually no downtime. 8D is proud to continually forge bike share forward with our more powerful and innovative solution.

8D Technologies Bike Share Solution

Hands-on experience

Our success stems from our unique ability to address and master all complex aspects of a bike share system. Our vast knowledge in operating and managing systems on a daily basis provides us with valuable insight to assess and address the needs for more innovative tools to help ease fleet management and enhance end user experience.

Advanced monitoring and management tools

With our bike share solution, operators can rest assured with our tools for secure real-time fleet and equipment monitoring. Our solution also features backend tools for optimizing bike rebalancing, customer service management, as well as system and financial reporting.

Companion Web and mobile applications

Web site

Our client Web site template is flexible and can be customized with branding options, sponsorship opportunities, member pages for management and creation of accounts, a map of stations with real-time updates on available bikes and docks, informational pages about your bike share system, and member statistics such as trips for a given period ad total number of trips.

8D Technologies Bike Share Solution
Mobile application

We offer a customized and branded version of Spotcycle™, 8D’s flagship smartphone bike share application. that allows members to sign in and manage their accounts directly from their smartphones.

The branded version of the application extends the standard features of Spotcycle by including account, billing and membership management (including membership purchases).

Ease of installation and maintenance

Whether it is for a full scale deployment or whether it is minor changes to an existing station, our modular stations are flexible and easy to install. Stations can be configured in a number of layout configurations, even circumventing urban objects. Docking points can be added and removed in a matter of minutes, not hours.

The central back office is installed by our team and maintained in our hosting center, removing the burden of software updates from the operator. For terminal software updates, we provide update packages and a user-friendly tool to help you deploy them at your own convenience.

Data security

Our solution adheres to the highest-standard practices in the industry to ensure that your data is protected at all times.

In addition to being PCI-certified service providers, all transactions are handled by our PCI certified solution using advanced credit card encryption. In addition, terminal communications are secure from the on-street terminals (kiosks) to our PCI-certified hosting center.


Operator configuration flexibility

Our solution offers a configuration tool that allows you to plan or quickly adapt the fee structures, pricing strategy, and promotions. Operators can also configure and manage their bike share system configurations via the Console such as terminal options, billing parameters, email templates, access roles and privileges.


8D offers the possibility for multiple cities to share the same bicycle share system so that a bike share user can effectively use the same bike key in all participating cities operating 8D bike share systems.

Technology and reliability

Our teams at 8D continually develop and test new innovative features in our solutions. including improvements to our monitoring and management tools aims to facilitate operations and make cost-effective systems.

The system is also designed and tested to protect your investments against theft and vandalism.

Backward and forward compatibility

8D’s latest bike share solution is compatible with systems we already support, including software and hardware components, facilitating any future expansion requirements.


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