8D Technologies, part of the Motivate family, helps BIXI Montréal fully integrate transit into its bike share system

OPUS transit cards can now be used to rent bikes at all BIXI Montréal bike stations

8D Technologies, part of the Motivate family, helps BIXI Montréal fully integrate transit into its bike share system
July 21, 2017 mchow

MONTREAL, Canada, July 21, 20178D Technologies, part of the Motivate family, is very pleased to help make bike share even more accessible to Montreal commuters with the announcement of the system-wide integration of OPUS transit card rentals in the Montreal bike share system.

BIXI Montréal announced that as of July 6, all 540 BIXI Montréal bike stations are now equipped to allow commuters to rent bikes using their OPUS transit cards. OPUS card holders can purchase single rides of 30 minutes or less for $2.95 using their OPUS transit cards.

This brings our award-winning OPUS for BIXI transit integration project from August of last year to a fully integrated and functional service in the Montreal bike share system.

“I’m really thrilled about our close-knit relationship with BIXI Montréal,” says Jay Walder, president and CEO of 8D Technologies. “Together, we have been able to demonstrate that we are continuously working on innovations to elevate the first large-scale bike share system in North America, including one of the first transit integrations in North America. We look forward to our continued partnership with BIXI Montréal and the City of Montreal, and we will continue our innovative approach to offer state-of-the art solutions to commuters here and abroad.”

As the technology provider for BIXI Montréal, 8D worked in collaboration with BIXI Montréal and the Société de Transport de Montréal (STM) to help launch the OPUS transit card payment integration project last year for BIXI cyclists. This integration allowed OPUS card holders across Quebec to use their cards on the contactless readers to purchase single bike share rides at a select number of BIXI OPUS stations in the BIXI Montréal bike share system.

Commuters can sign up for the service online to be able to use their OPUS transit cards on the contactless readers at BIXI pay stations for quick transactions, without a security deposit. These same contactless card readers also allow all users to tap their payment cards to make purchases.

Earlier this year, 8D Technologies won the prestigious Mercuriades award for excellence in web and mobile technology development for the original OPUS for BIXI project.

For more information about OPUS for BIXI, visit the BIXI Montreal site at http://bixi.com.

OPUS card readers now installed on all BIXI Montreal pay stations. Photo by 8D Technologies.

About BIXI Montréal

BIXI Montréal is a non-profit organization created by the City of Montreal to manage the bike share system in Montreal. The BIXI network includes 5,200 bikes and 460 stations in the Montreal area as well as in Longueuil and in Westmount.

About Motivate

Motivate is a global leader in bike share. A full-service bike share operator and technology innovator, Motivate works to re-envision how people experience and move around cities. Motivate powers over 56,000 bikes across four continents. Motivate systems, including Citi Bike in New York, Divvy in Chicago, Capital Bikeshare in the D.C. area, Hubway in the Boston area and BIKETOWN in Portland, OR were responsible for over 80% of bike share trips taken in 2016. Motivate also operates Ford GoBike in the San Francisco Bay Area which is beginning a ten-fold expansion to 7000 bikes later this year. www.motivateco.com

About 8D Technologies

8D Technologies, a member of the Motivate family, is a world leader in the development of the most intelligent wireless, Machine-to-Machine (M2M), multi-function point of sale (POS) solutions, based in Montreal, Canada. The company recently merged with Motivate, the global leader in bike share operations, to provide best-in-class bike share systems and accelerate future innovation.

8D’s unique green urban transportation management and payment solutions include the award-winning city parking system (8D APMS™) and bike share systems deployed on four (4) continents, in the USA (Boston, Jersey City, Minneapolis, New York City, Seattle, Washington DC area), UK (London), Australia (Melbourne), Canada (Montreal), and in the UAE (Abu Dhabi).

This solution features 100% solar-powered wireless terminals that can manage both street parking and municipal bike-sharing services. It also features real time wireless payment, remote management and monitoring of all terminal functions and components in wired and wireless environments.


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