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Technical Specifications

Cloud9™, JAVA-based Operating System (C9OE)

Cloud9 is a JAVA-based group of software programs that acts as a smart operating environment for wired or wireless operations. Highly versatile and robust, this comprehensive off-the-shelf platform provides application designers with a sophisticated foundation layer that allows them to focus on value creation and differentiation. One base for any platform.

Built on the JAVA 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE), heavily multithreaded, C9OE allows several JAVA applications (called cells) to run inside a unique JAVA virtual machine. All configurations are based on XML– software configuration and remote update are supported.


Cloud9™ Software Components

Cloud9 Operating Environments – for Linux, Windows, Solaris OS, running on X86/Xscale/StrongArm/Sparc Processors, on Embedded, Pocket PC, desktop and server

> Basic features

  • Cloud, base and cells software architecture, Boot loader, I/O queuing
  • Flexible logging framework allows cell monitoring
  • Supports classic file logging or more complex network logging
  • Supports users’ authentication for services
  • Allows different authentication system for different cells
  • LDAP support
  • Allows remote access to a running C9OE base
  • Josh, shell for C9OE
  • Allows execution/termination of cells inside a running C9OE base
  • Supports connections to database through JDBC
  • Shares JDBC databases between several cells

> TCP/IP and other communication protocols

SSMAP (Simple Short Message Application Protocol)

  • Allows different C9OE base to communicate with each other
  • Optimized message size designed for wireless communication
  • Allows master and slave communication for fail over
  • Supports SSL encryption and multiple applications over a tunnel
  • Multiple network technologies supported

ICC, Inter Cell Communication protocol

  • Allows cells to communication between each other

P1, Communication Protocol

  • Allows communication between C9 hardware devices

To learn more about Cloud9 TM:
Download our 8D ECOTM - Cloud9TM specification brochure and contact us at

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