Spotcycle nominated among leading green innovations
Alta Bicycle Share and 8D Technologies Forge New Strategic Partnership
TECH NOW: Top travel apps for family trips
USA Today – 2013-05-02
Spotcycle adds bike path support in Spartanburg, Madison, Kansas City, and Denver
Spotcycle's latest transparent update adds support for Mexico City, Milan, Grenoble and Nashville



  • JAVA-based open operating environment
  • Modular and scalable platform suitable for embedded environments (limited resources) all the way to server environments
  • Reduces time required for development and marketing
  • Portable to various hardware platforms and operating systems
  • Independent from networks, protocols, operating systems and devices
  • Supports industry standards
  • Configurable micro environment conceived for mobile applications
  • Supports operating networks: satellite, GSM & GPRS, CDMA, 1xRTT, iDen, Wireless LAN & Bluetooth
  • Robust for environments that require 24/7 availability
  • Same environment as the server platform

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