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Cloud9 smoothes out major hurdles encountered during the life cycle of any application:

  • Time to Market - Because Cloud9 has been recognized in the field to cut three to six months from the development cycle, its use has a major impact on the time to market and therefore on the viability and ROI of new applications.
  • Resilience - No application environment or scope will remain unchanged for long. Cloud9 comprises innovative solutions to infrastructure needs that ensure no rewrite is needed as the application adapts to new requirements.
  • Best use of Expertise - The designers of Cloud9 have drawn on their exceptional field experience to create supporting functions and tailoring functions for a number of applications. Cloud9 allows the application designers to concentrate on their unique expertise and opens to them new perspectives with its unique features.
  • Costs - Development costs are hence reduced, and so are run-time costs because of the highly optimized nature of Cloud9. The platform improves the management of compute resources and, in practice, removes operating bottlenecks. In addition, the field-proven robustness of Cloud9 reduces maintenance costs.
  • Conformity with Industry Standards - Cloud9 adheres to relevant standards in the industry, making it easy to integrate, use and support. With 8D involved with major forums, the platform is poised to maintain itself on the front line of the industry evolution.
  • Portability and Reuse - Cloud9 is independent from the underlying networks, protocols, Operating Systems and even interface devices. In particular, the possible reuse of existing environment and equipment may speed up deployment and reduce implementation costs.
  • Robustness - Because Cloud9 already underwent large-size field deployment, it provides a level of robustness guaranteed by real-life optimization and refactoring.
  • Scalability and Easy Evolution - Modularity and self-discovery allow for non-disruptive increase of scale and addition of functions, tailored to business objectives and not to technology limitations. Cloud9 may be installed initially on a single machine and grow seamlessly into a federation of specialized servers, possibly serving as an Application Service Provider (ASP) base. At the other end of the scale, miniaturized implementations were the cradle of the platform. Pre-optimized Editions of Cloud9 are offered for Micro, Pocket, Embedded, Desktop and Server use.
  • Interface Flexibility - Cloud9TM is a multimedia tool. It accepts combinations of all types of interfaces, whether for the Internet, pocket computers, all types of numeric devices and even interactive voice.
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