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Java based Smart Operating Environment

8D Technologies is addressing the issue of recurring tasks in application development with field-proven Cloud9™.

Its involvement in multiple software application design projects has led leading-edge software development company 8D Technologies to identify and address practical needs in the field. As a consequence, 8D has createdCloud9, a JAVA-based smart operating environment which jump-starts new applications in a wide array of industries, from consumer automotive to e-commerce to wireless, with innovative solutions guaranteed to support future needs as they arise.


Cloud9: a stable, smart JAVA-based platform for distributed applications
Cloud9 is a JAVA-based group of software programs that acts as a smart operating environment for wired or wireless operations. Highly versatile and robust, this comprehensive off-the-shelf platform provides the designers of new applications with a sophisticated foundation layer that allows them to focus on value creation and differentiation.

Extreme diversity and ease of implementation
8D Technologies recognizes the large diversity of systems used today to provide sophisticated, real-time and highly interactive services to wired or mobile end-users. Embedded systems require small footprint and efficiency. Enterprise systems put an emphasis on multi-server connectivity, variety of interfaces, data retrieval, security features, etc. Cloud9 was created with all these needs in mind.

Cloud9TM gives 8D a significant competitive advantage by enabling 8D to transform an industry’s critical needs into concrete solutions, in record time.

This bundle of JAVA software enables companies to:

  • Significantly reduce their development cycle for distributed applications in wired and wireless environments;
  • Include avant-garde functionalities in their applications, which would be difficult to imagine otherwise, even considering longer development times.

Cloud9TM is the cornerstone of the suite of products and software created and sold by 8D, which include: 8D ECO, C9 MPX, C9 Payment Server, C9 Console, C9 Parking Manager, C9 Parking Locator.

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