Isabelle Bettez honoured

Montréal (Québec) May 4, 2004 - Madame Isabelle Bettez, President and Chief Executive Officer of 8D Technologies, was selected by the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal as one of the 26 women who will be honoured this year as part of the Tribute to Exceptional Women's Gala which will take place next May 6.

The Chamber recognizes, during this gala of excellence, the exceptional contribution of women from various fields of activity. The women honoured in this way since 1991 have been recognized for their remarkable achievements and commitment which distinguishes them as leaders in their sectors and inspiring examples for others.

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Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal

About 8D Technologies
8D Technologies is a private company that offers distinctly innovative and creative professional products and services using several technological platforms, including Java, TCP/IP, Linux/Unix and wireless. As well, 8D Technologies develops state of the art software, with internationally recognized expertise in the design and implementation of distributed online applications and embedded systems for the e-commerce, wireless (cellular, PDA), consumer automotive and other emerging markets.

8D also commercializes the 8D ECOTM solution, an embedded unit designed to be integrated to payment machines, allowing for real time wireless payment, as well as the remote control and management of terminals and their sensors in both wired and wireless environments. For more information about 8D Technologies and its products and services, please visit:


For further information, please contact:

Yves Roberge
Public Relations
514 273.3793

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